Penhall Company

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Penhall Company's business?

Penhall Company is the industry leader in demolition construction services; sawing, drilling and breaking. This means are an employee driven organization. Our business is built around field operators who work with compressor tools, diamond blade equipment and related labor tools that allow us to perform non-explosive demolition across North America at an unmatched level of quality and service. People are our greatest asset. 


Penhall Company also performs structural demolition, pavement and bridge restoration services. This is a more traditional construction set up with a labor force, site supervisors, project engineers, project managers, estimators, and so on. Despite the more familiar look, these nomadic teams are a unique blend of travel warriors, industry experts and construction professional from coast to coast.

What is Penhall Company looking for?

Penhall Company is a stable but growing organization looking to invest in its future. With our Zero Accident culture and Mentor Programs firing on all cylinders we are able to develop employees into tomorrow's growth opportunity. Penhall hiring manager are looking for a blend of experience, maturity and energy. We've found over 50 + years that the intangible qualities of an individual speak more to their success than any particular trade or education. 

How can I become a part of Penhall Company?

Penhall Company lists all of its openings on's Current Openings page. We suggest you take a look at any one of opportunities, rework your resume to highlight your related experiences and submit it today! 



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